Is investing in micro caps and small caps all about taking a risk? 

Sinclair Currie, Principal and Co-Portfolio Manager

Many financial planners and investors think about risk like concentric circles.  

No fund manager will get fired for buying BHP or a top 20 stock. Taking on more risk, for some investors, is pushing out to the top 50 ASX listed stocks, and beyond that, moving into small cap funds and ultimately micro-cap funds.  

That’s not how we see it. If anything, we think there should be a higher overlay of conservatism when it comes to microcap investing because of things like liquidity risk. In the NovaPort Microcap Fund, we invest in companies we’re comfortable going home at night owning without worrying how much the US market may fall overnight.

We’re not stock market traders. We find companies with a compelling investment thesis, at an attractive valuation and take a five-year view, a bit like private equity does. And that’s why we stick with companies. 

The NovaPort Microcap Fund, during the global financial crisis – had been running since 2005 – and had no distressed capital raisings. 

There were more distressed raisings in the so-called Blue Chip 100 than there were in our micro fund. Our companies could fund their own growth ambitions. 

Many companies on the market couldn’t do that when liquidity dried up, be that during the global financial crisis or COVID. There are companies today that did well over the past three years because of liquidity, that can’t now fund their growth ambitions. 

Understanding risk introduces the notion of short termism.   Accepting risk is part of investing, but it needs to be considered in the medium to long term, not just on a quarterly basis. 

Short termism has seeped into investing over the past decade. Maybe it’s because of regulatory benchmarking, but it has become more pervasive. And it’s put fund managers on edge. But it isn’t necessarily good for investing. 

Short termism, liquidity, active investing and risk are very serious topics. Fund managers like NovaPort are stewards of people’s life savings. We take that very seriously. We care about the responsibility we have to look after people’s savings. 

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