Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is to hold quality companies for the long term.

Our Beliefs
Our Approach
  • Active management works in small caps
  • The alpha is in stock picking, not asset allocation
  • Quality outperforms in the long term
  • Long-term investment works particularly well in small caps
  • Stock focus, quality criteria and a longer holding period
  • Low risk approach to the asset class – seeking above benchmark returns for below benchmark risk
  • Low portfolio turnover
  • Clear straightforward strategy
Focus on real returns, not relative
Invest in companies, not stocks
High conviction, low turnover
Benchmark unaware approach
Return hurdle is 50% upside over three years 15% p.a.
We conduct proprietary, fundamentally driven bottom up research
Target 5%-10% above the Benchmark1 over 3 year time horizon
The primary risks we manage are those specific to the companies we own
1. Benchmark is S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index.