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31 January 2020

2019 Small Caps Review & 2020 Preview

Sinclair Currie discusses small cap investing in 2019, provides a recap of winners and losers throughout the year and shares his market outlook for 2020.

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10 December 2019

Case Study: No Point Riding the Investment Rollercoaster…Unless it’s for the thrill of it

This case study examines the outcomes of investing in one of the more volatile, popular stocks in the smaller company benchmark, and compare it to a company with a very low level of volatility.

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10 December 2019

The Importance of Building Defence into a Small Cap Portfolio

Finding and investing in an emerging Australian success story is exciting. However, the high growth expectation of smaller companies also comes with increased risk of capital loss.

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1 November 2019

Epics, Fantasies, Horrors and Lullabies

The word ‘narrative’ is being used more frequently in market and investment commentary, and reflects an environment of uncertainty.

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US China trade war
1 August 2019

Trading places: Australia’s exposure to trade disputes?

The market has closely followed and quickly reacted to news about the trade negotiations between the USA and China.

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venture capital
1 May 2019

Venture Capital. Flying unicorns or an elephant in the room?

The growing popularity of Venture Capital has enabled some remarkable and innovative businesses.

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1 December 2018

Volatility Harpoon. What worked and what didn’t?

A look at how recent movements in share prices corresponded to changes in earnings expectations during the period.

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1 September 2018

What Has Changed?

Equity markets crumbled further, is this an episode of volatility or has a feature of the broader landscape fundamentally changed?

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1 June 2018

An Eruption of Disruption?

Commentary suggests that disruption is a new ‘theme’ which investors should gain exposure to at any price, a view we find overly simplistic.

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